Mobile Pathology

In todays fast pace life which is very stressful, it is becoming difficult for us to do routine health checkup to ensure fitness. But it is equally important and inevitable for us in order to remain competitive.

A stitch in time saves nine.

Hence we have designed to provide Health Checkup on wheels facility, which can be done at Home for elderly people and at offices and work places for those who are hard press for time. A hassle free service to take care of your important unavoidable task, this will avoid you from any measure expenses in future. Our Experts Technicians come at your place as per the suitable timings & take the samples, blood, urine, take image of x-ray's, Ophthalmic test, etc and we deliver you the detailed report of the health checkup properly verified and certified by authorized doctors. Routine Health Check Up is essential to you to keep healthy and is well said "Prevention is better than Cure". Kolumbus has complete end to end solution in Health Checkup Plans up to screen for disease, diagnose, treat and monitor your medical condition. General Pathology Test Covers: Stress Test/ X-ray/ ECG/ Hierogram Lipid Profile Liver Function Test/ Creating & Urea/ BSL Fasting/ Sr. Calcium T3, T4, TSH/ Urine R And As Per Prescribe by Consultant or General Physician For Offices/ Corporate general pre-employee health check up package.

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